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Check out our team of Instructors!

Head Instructor:
Mark "Mack the Knife" Daley

In his 30+ years of martial arts experience, Mark Daley has focused his training on the most practical and effective forms of self-defense and martial arts.  

While Mr. Daley utilizes knowledge and techniques from his vast expertise in martial arts, his passion is to carry on the teachings of his instructor, the late Carlson Gracie, Sr. who is widely considered the greatest mixed martial arts fighter and teacher who ever lived.

Martial Arts Experience:

*Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu-Black Belt, 2nd Degree under     Carlson Gracie
*Hapkido-Black Belt, 5th Degree
*Japanese Jiu-Jitsu-Black Belt 1st Degree
*Tae Kwon Do-Black Belt 1st Degree


Justin Nurenberg

Adult assistant Instructor
Brown Belt- BJJ
11 Years BJJ Experience


Jeremy Lower

Childrens Program Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt- BJJ
12 Years BJJ Experience


While you can count on consistent instruction throuGhout your experience at Grapplehouse, sometimes absences cannot be avoided.  We have a depth of instructors who can fill in when such things occur:

Chris Brady

Black Belt in BJJ,
Certified Krav Maga Instructor for civilians and law enforcement.

Mike Tatay

Brown Belt in BJJ.

Earl Williams

Purple Belt in BJJ.